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Lawn Care

Our seasonal lawn care treatments have been designed to work alongside nature and the weather conditions common to the specific time of year. 

Each of the lawn care treatments hand over to the next, to ensure your lawn receives the most relevant support to sustain a healthy lawn, whatever the season. 

Weed & Feed (Seasonal)




Our unique spring fertiliser has been developed to work in cooler climates to encourage healthy growth and colour. Combined with application of a selective herbicide, it controls broad-leaved weeds such as dandelion, daisy, clover and buttercup. 

Late Summer

This slow-release treatment incorporates ‘no scorch’ technology, which allows your lawn to be treated whatever the weather. It contains a selective herbicide, as well as a feed to nourish the lawn and encourage a thick sward with a rich colour. 

Early Summer

Our early summer treatment will continue to nourish the grass plant using a controlled release fertiliser, which maintains healthy growth and colour over the warm summer months, Weeds are also targeted to ensure your lawn remains weed-free.


This treatment contains a micro-nutrient feed and a moss control element, designed to support your lawn over the winter period. It will continue to give the lawn a long-lasting green colour and help to toughen the grass plant for the conditions to come.


This is the mechanical means of removing surface thatch that has built up over the year, thereby enabling air flow, nutrients and moisture to reach the root zone. This results in healthier grass, less prone to lawn disease. N.B. Scarification can make the lawn look quite unsightly, but it will recover. 


The process of aeration relieves compaction and creates open spaces in the soil. Deep channels are produced so that light, water, air and nutrients can penetrate into the root zone.

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